Environmental Protection

CNOOC Limited supports green production by strictly controlling pollutant emissions, conducting pollutant and waste management and monitoring throughout the operation processes, thereby reducing waste.

In 2020, to standardize the handling of solid waste and hazardous waste across the company, we identified risks and proposed preliminary solutions. These included reducing solid waste from the outset, recycling where possible, and disposing of waste according to type.

We continued to increase our investment in offshore platform environmental protection facilities in line with national emission standards. In 2020, we continuously upgraded the production water treatment system of the offshore platform and the low-NOx combustion reform of the onshore terminal boilers.

Key Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

Oil Content in Discharged Water(Platform + Terminal)Tons2,4373,9193,424
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)(Platform + Terminal)Tons128.7110.4117.1
Sulfur Dioxide(SO₂) (Terminal)Tons17.912.028.5
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) (Terminal)Tons341.3330.7417.8
Non-hazardous Waste(Platform + Terminal)Tons13,97016,10430,703
Hazardous Waste(Platform + Terminal)Tons29,42645,77228,011