Environmental Protection

CNOOC Limited consistently upholds the philosophy of protecting the environment by conserving resources and striving for green development; furthermore, we emphasizes environmental protection as the basis of sustainable development. We abide by relevant laws and regulations in China and beyond, and strictly follow carbon emission reduction policies. We, demonstrating a robust corporate environmental responsibility, implement the Green Development Action Plan, continuously strengthening the whole process management of environmental protection and continuing to develop clean energy.

Paying equal attention to environmental protection and resource development, we protect the marine environment by optimizing site selection and process routes in the early research stage of the project to circumvent environmentally sensitive targets. We set internal control processes of the project management, such as environmental impact pre-assessments, environmental assessment implementation plans, completion acceptance and calibration monitoring, etc. We protect the ocean and fisheries during the construction and operation process by avoiding environmentally sensitive periods, reducing pollutant emissions, strengthening our prevention and control of oil spills, and setting up ecological compensation funds.