Environmental Protection

CNOOC Limited consistently upholds the philosophy of “protecting the environment by conserving resources and striving for green development”, and regards environmental protection as the basis of sustainable development. We abide by relevant laws and regulations in China and beyond, and strictly follow carbon emission reduction policies. Moreover, we also implement a Green Development Action Plan to continuously strengthen the whole process management of environmental protection and develop clean energy, thereby fulfilling a robust corporate environmental responsibility.

We hold fast to “pay equal attention to environmental protection and resource development”. In the pre-research stage of the project, we optimised the sites and processes, thus reasonably avoiding environmental sensitive areas thereafter. Also, we set up internal controls including pre-assessment of environmental impact, implementation plan of EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) Report, EIA Approval, and EIA Change Report; in the course of construction and operation, we took active measures to avoid environmental sensitive periods, reduce pollutant emissions, strengthen the prevention and control of oil spills, and set up ecological compensation funds to minimise the damage to the marine ecological environment and fishery resources, in an attempt to explore offshore oil and gas while not damaging environment.