Overseas Social Responsibility

Support Sustainable Development of Communities in Uganda

Advocating the vision of "Oil for a better life" and the mission of "fulfilling corporate social responsibility and promoting poverty reduction and agricultural development programs," CNOOC Uganda has sustained the investment in comprehensive community building in Uganda. Assisted with the project for funding quality education, job creation project, people's wellbeing improvement project, and cultural exchange and integration project, which are highly praised by local government and all walks of life. Among them, the project for funding quality education has entered its tenth year since 2013. In addition, the Company has successfully funded eight university students to study in China. All the students have returned to Uganda to join the oil industry construction, realizing their "oil dream".

Project for Funding Quality Education

CNOOC Limited has implemented an international student project in Uganda and funded outstanding local university students to study at the China University of Petroleum (East China) since 2014. Lamech Mbangaye, a beneficiary of the CNOOC Performance Scholarship, returned to school with funds offered by CNOOC Limited and joined CNOOC Uganda in 2018 to work in the oil industry, which attracted more young people in Uganda to study and seek a career in the oil industry and enhanced the cultural exchange between Uganda and China. "CNOOC Limited has made a great contribution to raising the educational level in Uganda and provided opportunities for employment, self-improvement, and livelihood improvement for many people here. I will continue contributing to China and Uganda's common prosperity with gratitude towards China and CNOOC Limited."—Said Lamech in an interview after joining CNOOC Uganda.

Job Creation Project

CNOOC Uganda has launched vocational training programs to improve residents' survival skills and create more jobs for sustainable employment. The Company has conducted training programs for heavy truck drivers, engineering construction, and other skills training programs about the oil and gas field. The trained personnel have been put to work in developing and constructing oilfields in Uganda. At the same time, the Company launched the "Enable" program and organized community youth to participate in popular skills training such as hairdressing and sewing. It guided more residents to improve their skills and promote sustainable employment.

People's Wellbeing Improvement Project

The Company started the resettlement housing project to construct housing units for residents who have to be relocated, effectively improving the living conditions of the residents around the project site. Moreover, CNOOC Limited's first community water supply and health improvement project in Uganda - Buhuka Water Diversion Project, was used to provide safe and clean drinking water to the Buhuka area. In addition, the cliff highway invested by the Company has been officially opened to traffic, becoming the region's first and only cliff-crossing highway so far. This highway has promoted effective communication between the local people, property, goods, and the outside world, facilitating the residents to seek medical treatment, employment, and study. It ultimately ended the history of no highways in the village and witnessed the beauty that CNOOC Limited has added to the local people's lives.

Cultural Exchange and Integration Project

CNOOC Uganda has established long-term cooperation with the Confucius Institute of Uganda to teach local employees Chinese and traditional Chinese culture. The Company has set up a "Chinese Bookshelf" reading room and carried out "Teachers and Apprentices" activities to enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity and promote the spread of Chinese culture in Uganda. In addition, the Ugandan Company has held the CNOOC Cup Football Match for continuous years and invited more than ten teams from 7 communities in the Bunyoro region to compete, which enhanced the company-local friendship.