Care for Employees

Employees are our most precious resource and asset. We solidly promote the strategy of “promoting corporate development with high-quality talent”, enhance the employee growth and development system, improve the training mechanism and strengthen the talent team building to provide more employees with opportunities in self-growth and help them enhance self-esteem. We also care for employees’ physical and mental health, and protect their rights and interests from multiple dimensions while building a safe and healthy working environment, sharing the benefits of the Company’s growth and development with all employees.

Employment Policies

CNOOC Limited insists on employment in accordance with laws and regulations, treats all staff equally within an inclusive corporate culture, safeguards all rights and benefits that staff should enjoy under the law, and builds a harmonious labour relationship.

Legal Employment

CNOOC Limited respects the basic rights to which all employees are entitled, strictly abides by applicable domestic and international laws and regulations, and has constantly improved its internal employment management system. We act in strict compliance with local laws and regulations such as the Labour Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, and international conventions ratified by the Chinese Government, such as the Discrimination (Employment and Occupation) Convention . We have established our own Employment and Labour Contract Management System and Overseas Employee Management System, respecting the legitimate rights of all employees.

Employee Rights and Interests

CNOOC Limited respects and supports the employees’ freedoms of association, assembly and joining a labour union organisation conferred by the law. Guided by the Labour Union Law of the People’s Republic of China, we have established labour unions at all levels to safeguard employees; legitimate rights and interests, which are responsible for supervising the Company’s fulfilment of responsibilities and obligations and all business activities that are related to employees’ benefits and communicating with the management of the Company on behalf of employees. We also maintain close communication with the legal department and labour unions to jointly guarantee employees’ legitimate rights and interests.

We continue to improve our compensation management system and optimise compensation and benefit mechanism in accordance with the relevant national policies and our strategic positioning and benefit forecasts.

We have established a comprehensive and effective security system to handle various types of social insurance and multi-level supplementary insurance for employees in a timely manner. The social insurance participation rate of our employees reaches 100%. In addition to the basic types of social insurance including pension, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance, we also provide our employees with supplementary insurance such as personal accident insurance, commercial supplementary health insurance and critical illness insurance. Our insurance plan is further optimised, and the implementation is followed up. We actively publicise it to employees to provide them with better digital health services. Our employees can enjoy comprehensive security as we also set up enterprise annuity and housing subsidy.

Employment Development

We believe in mutual development with employees. Our improved training system, optimised employee growth and development system, and unobstructed path for talents’ growth enable employees to become the backbone of our high-quality development.

Talent Strategy

Adhering to the strategy of “promoting corporate development with high-quality talent” and the concept that talents are the primary resources, CNOOC Limited implements a talent policy that can stimulate business vitality and highlight value to a greater extent.

Career Development

Employees are our most precious resource and asset. In order to practice the three-year reform action of state-owned enterprises, we reconstruct our post system, and set up the four sequences of Management (including sales) (M), Business (B), Technology (T) and Skilled Workers (W), so as to create standard channels for employees’ promotion and career development, and facilitate their transition among sequences.

Employee Training

CNOOC Limited has established a multi-level training system for employees, and continuously empowers employees as needed. In 2021, we continued to implement our talent development plan and key training plan, focusing on key specialities and critical roles. Responding to the impact of COVID-19, we made great efforts to advance the content creation of “Haixue” platform and promote the application of this platform to achieve flexible online trainings. In addition, we organised and carried out special learning activities, professional skills training and safety training (e.g., Skill School, Safety School and First Class for New Employees) on “Haixue” platform to promote the coordination and integration of online and offline training, improve employees’ professional competence and create a good learning environment. In 2021, employees each undertook an average of 205 hours of online and offline training.

YearTotal training sessionsTotal number of traineesTotal training hoursTotal training hours per person

Training International Experts

We reinforce the cultivation of international talents. With a focus on the priorities and difficulties in overseas business development, we have established a systematic training system and an international talent reserve mechanism featured with hierarchical linkage.

In 2021, CNOOC International selected and sent business backbone to participate in the international talent training course, a centralized and closed training for 5 months. This is the first key training session organized and implemented by the Company during the “14th Five-year Plan”, and is also an important initiative for the international development strategy, the strategy of promoting corporate development with high-quality talent and the talent team-building project.

Employee Care

We strictly implement relevant national regulations on employee holidays to fully protect employees’ rights for statutory public holidays. Besides statutory public holidays, we provide paid annual leave and family visit leave, and encourage staff to take vacations and rest. To migrant staff, we offer turnover housing and other living security, and offer transitional housing for single employees to help them find a better balance between life and work.

In terms of medical security for employees, the Company continued to include the COVID-19 in the accident insurance coverage of the Company and provided the full medical security through the supplementary medical insurance. The Company further promoted the digital online claim settlement and direct payment of drug purchase under the supplementary medical insurance to facilitate employees to seek medical treatment and purchase drugs.