Environmental Protection

As a responsible company, CNOOC Limited views lucid water and lush mountainous areas as invaluable assets. We have responded to climate change challenges by implementing the goal to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. We have started the composition of the action plan for that goal and fully implemented our green and low-carbon development strategy through clean energy development, energy-saving and emission reduction projects and efficient energy utilization, fully committed to being a resource-saving green company.

Risk Assessment

The Company is committed to the principle of clean production, the use of harmless raw CNOOC Limited supports the climate goals set in the Paris Agreement and fully understands the impact of climate change on the Company. We are working to meet this challenge by identifying and analyzing the risks and opportunities created by climate change and responding with appropriate measures.

Energy Conservation

The Company is committed to the principle of “clean production, the use of harmless raw materials, resource recycling, and low-carbon energy”. We support these principles by continuously promoting the construction of green manufacturing systems and energy-saving technologies to increase efficiency.

Main Energy Consumption of the Company

Crude OilThousand tons324.1371.0387.0
Natural GasMillion cubic meters1,8812,0512,228
DieselThousand tons29.455.458.0
ElectricityMillion kWh203254283
Comprehensive Energy Consumption per Ton of Oil and Gas ProductionTons of standard coal equivalent/ton0.05150.05530.0550

Energy Conservation Results

TargetsTons of standard coal equivalent93,723116,150141,550
Actual ResultsTons of standard coal equivalent165,148125,340148,788

Water Resource Management

The Company is focused on improving the efficiency of our water use. Meanwhile, to ensure our water resources management, we have strengthened technological transformation and promoted comprehensive treatment and reuse of wastewater.

Water Resources Consumption of the Company

Total Freshwater ConsumptionThousand tons1,8592,1372,120
Freshwater Consumption per Ton of Oil and Gas ProductionCubic meters/ton0.03350.03670.0333
Water SavedThousand tons10818289

Low Carbon Management

We respond to Chinese requirements for climate change, incorporates low-carbon management into our oil and gas development and adhere to our Management Measures for the Rights Registration and Trading Settlement of Carbon Emissions. Our low-carbon management system – established with reference to the policies and practices of leading energy companies at home and abroad - includes Low Carbon Management Measures, Rules for Carbon Emission Statistics and Reporting, Review Rules of Fixed Asset Investment Projects, Rules for CCER  Project Development Management, Rules for Carbon Asset Management, and Rules for Carbon Assessment. We have calculated the division of work for carbon management and corresponding data collection methods and laid out rules for carbon reduction work. This includes CCER projects, carbon evaluation and carbon assets assessment. We also set up a working group for achieve national goals regarding carbon peak and neutrality. An action plan for the goal was also officially launched.

Since 2016, by vigorously implementing technological transformation, we have reduced carbon emissions by 1.579 million tons, accomplishing 122% of the target. In 2020, by promoting the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction measures and CO2 utilization our carbon emission intensity dropped by 1.5% compared to 2019. We have set a goal of reducing carbon dioxide by over 1.5 million tons by 2025 through comprehensive technological transformation and carbon dioxide reuse.

Key Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

Total Greenhouse Gas EmissionsThousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalent7,4808,7839,345
Direct Greenhouse Gas EmissionsThousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalent7,3458,5979,123
Indirect Greenhouse Gas EmissionsThousand tons of carbon dioxide equivalent135186222
Greenhouse Gas Emissions per Ton of Oil and Gas ProductionTons of carbon dioxide equivalent/ton0.13280.14930.1470