Environmental Protection

CNOOC Limited puts environmental protection first by strictly controlling the red line of ecological protection with environmentally friendly development. We also conduct marine ecological protection work to create harmony between individuals and the oceans.

CNOOC Limited attaches great importance to marine ecological environmental protection and implements laws such as the Marine Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, Measures for Environmental Protection Management during Production, and Measures to Manage Accountability for Environmental Damages. The Company has created the Green Oil Field Plan and established a long-term mechanism for marine ecological protection.

We responded to the government’s call to control the red line of ecological protection. We follow up on adjustments to red lines by the State Council and local governments, and study how they apply to onshore and offshore oil and gas development, so as to provide technical support.

Protecting Harbor Seals

Harbor seals are second-class protected animals in China. With stringent requirements regarding marine water quality and ambient noise, we take particular care when operating around harbor seal colonies activity zone. Our Tianjin branch cooperates with the Dalian Administration Bureau for Harbor Seals to formulate protection, such as:

■ Improving the infrastructure of the harbor seal reserve, enhancing research into, and management of, harbor seals protection

■  Sharing information on harbor seals and on ice in the Liaodong Bay area

■  Assisting conservation organizations to track and record the voyage of harbor seals to study the impact of the external environment on the survival of harbor seals

■ Conducting real-time observation to rescue harbor seals in danger

The frequent appearance of harbor seals around oilfield facilities demonstrates that they are a suitable environment for survival and reproduction. This reflects the success of our green oil field development and our measures to protect, patrol and rescue marine life in the Liaodong Bay area of Bohai oilfield.