Environmental Protection

CNOOC Limited insists on “Environment Paramount” by strictly controlling the red line of ecological protection with environmentally friendly development. We also conduct marine ecological protection work to create harmony and achieve mutual benefits between individuals and the oceans.

CNOOC Limited attaches great importance to marine ecological environmental protection and implements laws such as the Marine Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China and Measures to Manage Accountability for Environmental Damages.  The Company has created the Green Oil Field Plan and established a long-term mechanism for marine ecological protection.

We study how adjustments to red lines apply to onshore and offshore oil and gas development, so as to provide technical support. At the stages of project construction, operation and decommissioning, ecological restoration projects are carried out to remove ecological impacts. We are active in marine biodiversity protection, marine fishery resource restoration and other projects. Investment is made in marine environmental protection, artificial propagation and release, fishery restoration and other activities with increasing scale and coverage year by year. The Company incorporates compensation for loss of marine biological resources and ecological service functions into environmental protection investments in construction projects.  Additionally, for new projects, we continue to undertake studies on important marine environmental issues such as marine biological resource conservation and management and artificial fish reefs.

Artificial propagation and release activities are carried out on oilfields in the east of the South China Sea

In 2021, CNOOC Shenzhen Branch organised a total of 7 artificial propagation and release activities and released a total of 256 million Penaeus penicillatus, 6.28 million blackhead seabreams and 6.16 million pompanos into the waters around the Qixingwan Port (Seven Star Bay), a provincial nature reserve of fishery resources in Daya Bay. The compensation amount exceeded RMB 6 million and more than 210 volunteers from various units participated in these activities.

CNOOC Limited works on ecological protection around the world

■  In North America, we conducted research and monitoring programmes for caribou and marine mammals to understand the impact of production processes on wildlife so that appropriate protection measures could be implemented;

■  In Africa, we conducted research on populations, ranges and habitats of coral reefs, chimpanzees, crowned cranes, snails and partridges to understand factors affecting biodiversity, monitored invasive species, and develop appropriate mitigation measures;

■ In Southeast Asia, we carried out the mangrove restoration programme, donating and planting mangroves;

■ In Europe, we took advantage of artificial intelligence to identify protected species among marine organism attached to structures.