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 Offshore China

Bohai is the most important crude oil producing area for the Company. The crude oil produced in this region is mainly heavy oil. As of the end of 2013, the reserve and daily production volume in Bohai were 1,179.7 million BOE and 413,650 BOE/day, respectively, representing approximately 26.6% and 36.7% of the Company’s total reserves and daily production, respectively. The operation area in Bohai is mainly shallow water with a depth of 10 to 30 meters.

Bohai has rich oil and gas resources and has been one of the Company’s primary areas for exploration and development. In 2013, the Company made seven successful discoveries in Bohai, namely Bozhong 34-9, Bozhong 8-4, Kenli 10-4, Bozhong 23-3, Luda 5-2 North, Kenli 9-5 and Kenli 9-6. In addition, the Company also successfully appraised eight oil and gas structures, including Kenli 2-1, Penglai 9-1, Penglai 15-2, Qinhuangdao 29-2 East, Bozhong 8-4, Luda 5-2 North, Kenli 9-5 and Kenli 9-6.

Benefi ting from new discoveries and successful appraisals, reserve replacement ratio of Bohai reached 109% in 2013, further reflecting Bohai’s potential as a core production region for the Company.